Tear Stain Products for Dogs

Most of us purchase a puppy because they are cute, playful and they are a companion for most. However, before bringing home our new loved one, no one tells us about the health concerns that can be connected to our pet. Smaller breeds like: Maltese, Poodles, Shih-Tzu’s and Pekinese are common breeds that can develop tear stains. These are the red and brown stains on their fur by their eyes.

Ugly red or even brown eye stains on your dog’s hair/fur may be tear stains. Eye stains can form when the tear ducts have become clogged, if the eyelids face inwards, or if hair has entered the eyes and collected tears. Dogs that have developed these stains can look unclean and their hair/fur will look mangy. Luckily, there are several options on the market that can help address your dog’s eye stains.

With much advancement, tear stain products have become one of the best selling options on the market for dogs and even cats that are affected by eye stains. This is because dog owners can use the product at home on their pet and they do not have to attend a veterinarian, unless side effects result. Dog owners should not let their pet consume products that contain the ingredient Tylosin. This ingredient has been linked to negative side effects that can harm your pet and can promote negative health risks†. Many manufacturers will emphasize that their product is Tylosin-Free.

Tear stain products for dogs are sold by a manufacturer online, by third party retail sites and some can even be obtained from a local pet retail store. Most dog owners will find that the best deals are advertised online. Many manufacturers will offer Buy 2, Get 1 Free deals on the web, but do not offer that special in stores. When it comes to purchasing a tear stain product, you should only purchase products that are cost-effective. For most customers, the most affordable products are those that retail for less than $50, especially if your dog has to use the product for a few months.

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